Here's some questions from my pub trivia game at the Grandstand Sports Bar in Billings.  Wednesday Night Trivia is each week at 7:00, 905 Grand Avenue, and you are welcome to join us.  This 90s Grunge category was given to me by a team, and since it has been a while, I made it multiple choice with only two choices.  How many of these do you know or remember?  Scroll down for the answers.

90s Grunge, with a Half Chance

1. Which band released the breakthrough album Badmotorfinger?  Alice in Chains or Soundgarden?

2. Which word completes the lyric from the song "Come As You Are" by Nirvana: "Come doused in mud, soaked in ____"  Bleach or Blood?

3. Courtney Love played in the bands Babes in Toyland and Pagan Babies. What is the third band she performed with?  Faith No More, or Tad?

4. Who is the actor who had played the Joker, who has his own band 30 Seconds to Mars?  Jared Leto, or Joaquin Phoenix?

5. The album cover for Nirvana's Nevermind in 1991 showed a naked baby boy swimming after money on a fish hook. How much was on the hook: $1 or $5?

Credit: Jorge Salgado, TSM Media Center
Credit: Jorge Salgado, TSM Media Center

6. Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard left the group Mother Love Bone and joined Eddie Vedder in what hit grunge group?  Mudhoney or Pearl Jam?

7. Matt Cameron played for both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden from 2010-17, on what instrument?  Bass Guitar or Drums?

8. Who became a part of the Foo Fighters after the break-up of Nirvana in 1994?  Dave Grohl or Pat Smear?

9. Which completes the lyric on "Interstate Love Song" by the Stone Temple Pilots "Leavin' on a ____ ____ / Only yesterday you lied."  Are the two blanks for Southbound Plane or Southern Train?

10. What U.S. city is considered the home of 90s grunge music?  Detroit or Seattle?

Answers Below

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The Answers:

1.  Soundgarden

2.  Bleach

3.  Faith No More

4.  Jared Leto

5.  $1

6.  Pearl Jam

7.  Drums

8.  Both are Correct.  Dave Grohl founded the Foo Fighters, and signed on Pat Smear for their first album.

9.  Southern Train

10.  Seattle of course.

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