Raise your hand if you have the WebMD app and you get their newsletters (insert raised hand emoji here)? Am I a hypochondriac--no, but I am health-conscious, and I'm a sucker for listicles about the benefits of vitamins/vegetables/exercise.

So when I got my email newsletter today and saw the headline "Common Bathing and Showering Mistakes" admittedly, I scoffed. I knew tips like you shouldn't shower or bathe every day and that you don't need to wash your hair every day. I even knew that you don't need to use soap on your whole body. But shamefully, I did not know how often you should change your loofah, or why having a shower bar is a good idea for anyone.

The most thought I usually give my bathroom is when I'm scrolling Pinterest for remodeling ideas. Santa? Will you bring me a jetted tub (because you know I love a good soak)?

In any case, it looks like I need some new bathroom accessories. I already have one of these bathmats and I absolutely love it. Who knew that wet feet love shag?

And after reading about how germy bathrooms can be, I think I'll spring for new soap dispensers instead of reusing the plastic containers. Not to mention, I'll probably save money on buying soap in bulk. I love that these dispensers are clear. It makes refilling them easy.

This bulk soap may not be the cheapest, but it definitely smells the best, and doesn't leave my hands too dry (curse you, Montana winters).

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