In case you were at the airport this morning or knew someone who was... This is what was going on! It happened from 10-11:30 this morning at the Billings airport.  The news article says that following the shooting event at the Fort Lauderdale airport... law enforcement and staff need to be trained if that were ever to happen.

A side note, a girl who I went to college with and was friends with was heading to the baggage claim area at the Ft Lauderdale airport the same time that shooting was happening. She heard the shots like everyone else and ran. Her and hundreds of passengers had to wait on the tarmack for hours with no food or water. This is Florida... It's HOT. She said it was one of the worst experiences she's ever gone through but doesn't complain because she's luckily she was minutes behind what happened.

Hopefully this training this morning helped our first responders learn to deal with victims and also train staff how to assist travelers in the airport during an incident, God forbid it should ever happen.

KBUL Newsroom - Billings Logan International Airport will conduct active shooter training with law enforcement agencies and airport officials today. Assistant Director of Aviation and Transit Shane Ketterling said the exercise will take place in the baggage claim area at 10 a.m. reports that the airport will remain open, but the public is not invited to participate. Due to security issues and execution of the training, details of exactly how the exercise will be conducted won’t be revealed.

Ketterling said it is a requirement that airport officials and emergency responders train for a catastrophic event. Following the Fort Lauderdale shooting in that airport’s baggage claim area in January, Ketterling said being prepared for an active shooter situation is a must for local law enforcement and airport staff. Logan International officials chose to conduct the exercise from 10 to 11:30 this morning.

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