I have never been more excited to write about anything in my life!

Most of you know that my first year here in Billings was spent building a house in Josephine Crossing - the sister neighborhood to Annafeld. I gave you all my updates as I watched them dig a hole, pour a foundation, watched walls go up and a roof be put on. There is nothing quite like the fun of driving past your 'to-be' house for months and months and watch as it morphs from just a design and idea to a place you will actually do life!

The McCalls, as well as their team, are some of the most creative and genuine people I have ever met - and you know all is well when they all live in your neighborhood! Greg and Erin McCall have become friends of ours and that is not something you usually gain out of building a home. They are focused on building a community and creating a place for families to thrive and very few people get to come home to that everyday.

Buying a house is one of the most exciting and scariest things a person will do in their life. It is a huge commitment but the excitement of building one from scratch and picking everything that goes into the home all the way down to the light bulbs is something EVERYONE should get to experience in their lifetime and McCall allows for that dream to be a reality.

Don't think you can afford it? Think again. Josephine surpassed expectation for us and I know that Annafeld is going to offer even more variety! With single family homes, multifamily homes, cottages, townhouses and work/live spaces Annafeld will be almost double the size of Josephine Crossing and offer a little bit of everything for everyone!

Pocket parks, bike trails, close proximity to the Yellowstone River, resident supported businesses- it's literally going to be its own small town! Plus, with bike and walking paths leading to Elysian School, Annafeld is going to be desirable for families with children.

And if buying isn't for you quite yet there will be options in Annafeld for renters, too! So whatever your lifestyle or budget is I know that Annafeld could be home to you. Click HERE for all the details on McCall Homes and Annafeld. PLUS get an invite for the grand opening THIS Friday!

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