Do you know someone needing help against taking their own lives?  Is it You?

Was going to put this message at the end of the article, but it really should be first.  If you are struggling with living, or know someone who is struggling, there really are people who care about you, just like your family and friends, and we all want you to stay around.  Reach out to us, or contact the Suicide or Crisis at 988 or the Crisis Text Line at 741-741.

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Okay, now to the Update...

Couple weeks ago I wrote about upcoming fundraisers for the Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention.  Fuddruckers on the West End and Pizza Ranch in the Heights donated a portion of dinner sales for one evening.  The chair of the Yellowstone Valley OOTD, Nancy Barbula, followed up with the community response.

The two dinner events raised about $1,400 for the local organization.  Yet something more important was given.

Billings Residents Opened Up to Out of the Darkness

The real assets given at these dinners were intangible.

"The conversations we had with those in need of sharing, their losses and struggles, were priceless," Barbula said.

Attendees gave their experiences with suicide, the feelings and thoughts they endured, and the grief of losing someone far too soon.  It is the 9th leading cause of death in this state overall, and the 2nd leading cause for younger Montanans, age 10-44.

In addition to this, folks signed up for the September 15th Walk and to volunteer for the event.

Credit: Rinky Dink Images, TSM Media Center
Credit: Rinky Dink Images, TSM Media Center

Dang, I Missed Out!

No, you haven't.  There are several awareness and fundraising events coming up for OOTD.  While April will be quiet, May ramps up for Mental Health Awareness Month.  Red Robin will host a dining event May 1st, and Texas Roadhouse on May 13th.  Between these two, the Bitterroot Sip and Paint will have a gathering on Saturday, May 4th, 1:00 to 3:00; must register for this event and $15 from each registration will go to the mission.  Call Sip and Paint at 406-318-9681 to reserve a seat.  Then on the 23rd, Pizza Ranch will host another dining fundraiser on the west end.

And all through May, Sunshine Express will give a portion of every drink sale to suicide prevention.  Make them a frequent visit.

Big Reminder

For each get-together, please say you are there to support suicide prevention.  That activates the portion going to Out of the Darkness.

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