We desperately need a dance club in Billings, not another western dance club  Daisy Dukes...

I love Daisy Dukes! It's fun. But I’m talking about a club with cocktail waitresses, DJ’s blaring on the bass- filled speakers, confetti flying in the air every weekend. You know, THE WORKS!  

1800 Tequila Toasts The Latin Grammy Awards
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I’ve heard stories about shootings and stabbings at previous dance clubs here in Billings. But why does that mean they have to be shut down? Yes, violence is not a good thing- ever! But we can come together and think of ways to make it secure and safe, so people can enjoy themselves in a great way. 

A bunch of drunk people spilling out into the streets of Billings seems like a mess, but then again other cities this size still find a way to make it work. 

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Living for dance, and live music has been my form of therapy.  

I mean, that’s legit the only reason I got into radio, to dance at concerts and hear live music. But it also seems concerts are quite scarce in Magic City. But why?? I just don’t see the disconnect. We are right next to the airport, there’s venues, and very rarely big EDM DJ’s come through.

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Music that feeds the soul

If you’re not familiar with DJ’s look up, GRiZ (photographed above). He has high energy dance music, and we all know by now that a lot of people swear by dance as a form of therapy. 

The last DJ that came through to Pub Station was Opiou, a symphony DJ who is one of my favorites. But these concerts, with loud bass electronic music are hard to come by in Billings. I was doing 30 Red Rocks shows a year. I came to Billings, and there's one or two a year. 

1800 Tequila Toasts The Latin Grammy Awards
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All my colleagues say we have to travel to Missoula or Bozeman, but again- why? 

We are the biggest city in Montana, plenty of space for these types of concerts in club venues, and still nowhere to be found.  We have The Loft, but again- no one comes through. Does this mean we have to tell these artists we are on the map?? Yes, yes we do. 

If the cool, baseball field Dehler Park would host concerts in the summer time, I’d be at every single one of them, no matter who it is. 

Email me to tell me what you think about getting a dance club in town.

Email: Morning@BillingsMix.com

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