I am probably about as basic as they come. I love jeans, a cotton t-shirt with flip flops. I don't like getting jewelry as gifts. Cheeseburgers or tacos are my preferred meal. And to add to the basic-ness, I'm not a huge celebrator of Valentine's Day.  Cards, flowers and teddy bears are cheesy to me for whatever reason. But there is one thing this basic girl does love, a super nice meal.

I don't mind getting dressed up and doing my hair and going to eat a fancy dinner with my hunny! And I promise you that there is no shortage of amazingly good and super nice places here in Billings. In case you haven't done a ton of fine dining here in town, I came up with a list of my top 10 favorite 'fancy' restaurants! I also included the phone number so you can call and make a reservation!

1. Bistro Enzo
(406) 651-0999

2. Bistecca at the Granary
(406) 259-3488

3. The Fieldhouse
(406) 534-2556

4. Bin 119
(406) 294-9119

5. Lilac
(406) 969-4959

6. TEN
(406) 867-6774

7. Commons 1882
(406) 254-1882

8. The Windmill
(406) 252-8100

9. Local Kitchen & Bar
(406) 534-8601

10. Walkers American Grill & Tapas Bar
(406) 245-9291



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