This blog is dedicated to the anonymous caller who called Kaitlyn yesterday during her midday show explaining how he was going to destroy us at the chili cook off this month. I know I've perhaps been a little over enthusiastic about the product I'm bringing to the party, but in all fairness, it's damn good chili.

At the end of the day, this is raising money for a great local cause, so win or lose, I will be happy that we've potentially helped out a Montana family going through a tragedy that parents don't even like to think about. For that reason, I say, "Bring it!" The more the merrier. If I lose, I know it will be for the simple reason that someone obviously cheated. The guy on the phone said he was going to eat at Burger Dive several times between now and the event in hopes to sway the main judge (one of the owners of Burger Dive). I don't think it's necessary to take part in subterfuge unless you're insecure in your cooking skills.

So, "Crazy Chili Guy", next time you call, do it before 10 so you can talk to both halves of our team. Or better yet, don't call at all...just show up ready to be beaten!

I hope to see lots of people, both competitors and eaters come out to support this event on Sunday, January 28th at the Knights of Columbus on Grand. I'm not sure what the weather will be, but I'm certain it will still be cold enough for a good bowl of chili. If you want to compete, this is a good year to do it. The Ramsey Keller Memorial foundation is waiving the entry fee for this year as they hope to build this annual event. Check out Kaitlyn's blog for all of the info and plan on coming out to vote for your favorite (ours).

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