I completely understand taking a threat like this 100% seriously. Especially after yesterdays school shooting in Spokane, Washington that left 1 student dead and 3 more injured. I have yet to understand what is going in with today's youth... I understand that being bullied isn't fun and that high school can be hard to navigate but since when do kids think that bringing weapons to school is the answer?

Is it pop culture? Cell phones? Media? Is it a parental problem? Are parents not teaching kids the value of life? It quite honestly doesn't make sense to me. There have been a few moments in my life where I can remember being SO mad that I wanted to break something or throw something at someone but I didn't! I would never!! I can think it all I want but ACTUALLY acting on it....nope!

I'm hoping that the threats are taken care of, that they find who made them and then get that person help. Some serious serious help.

KBUL Newsroom - Kalispell Public Schools announced last night that all Flathead Valley classes have been canceled today as authorities continue to investigate threats against the schools. Superintendent Mark Flateau said [quote] “Local law enforcement and the FBI feel this is a credible threat, and they are working diligently to apprehend the suspect.” A complete list of school closures is available online at KTVQ.com.

Flathead Valley Community College– including the Lincoln County Campus– will also remain closed today. The Columbia Falls Police Department and the FBI began a joint investigation Wednesday following a series of electronic threats that area schools began receiving. Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry said in a statement that the threats started with the Columbia Falls School District and eventually spread to other area schools via text or email messages. About 30 Flathead County schools were affected by the threats.

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