For those who remember the stories that we covered about the Communist Chinese buying land near our nuclear missile silos here in Montana, you might also be interested in this one: Did Hunter Biden help the Chinese steal American nuclear technology?

Former CIA operations officer Sam Faddis joined us on the Montana Talks statewide radio show with Aaron Flint. Before his retirement, Faddis headed up the counter weapons of mass destruction unit at the CIA. He now serves as the editor of AND Magazine.

We caught up with him earlier this week, talking about the woke politics and the COVID vaccine mandate that is harmining US military recruitment efforts. We also talked about his piece regarding Hunter Biden, nuclear technology, and the Chinese.

On military readiness:

Aaron Flint: The National Guard has more soldiers leaving the National Guard than they do enlisting in the National Guard. How dangerous do you think this administration's foreign policy is becoming?

Sam Faddis: Incredibly dangerous...we're off the rails here. We're seeing unprecedented levels of danger. And it's not just hyperbole, and I don't think it's just incompetence. I think that what we're witnessing is a wrecking operation. The war in Ukraine is a classic example. Look, Putin is a thug. I have no sympathy for him. His dreams of reconstituting the Soviet Union are untenable. He has no business invading Ukraine, etc. Okay. But this is not a schoolyard fight. This is an escalating large conventional conflict with a guy who has 1000s of nuclear weapons. And we are just recklessly charging down this path, pouring jet fuel on the fire with with no plan for what happens when this really gets out of control. And as usual, the guys who are making this decision in Washington are not the ones who are going to pay the price, right? Their kids don't go off to fight these wars and come back in caskets or without limbs, and they're making a boatload of money off of it. We're in grave danger. Bottom line.

On Hunter Biden and nuclear technology to China:

Sam Faddis: There's an element here with Hunter Biden and the whole laptop thing- I mean first , the line was the laptop is a fraud, pay no attention to it. Now, of course, that ridiculous assertion has fallen apart a little bit. So the press is beginning to talk generally about the idea that Hunter is a scumbag, he's corrupt, and took a lot of foreign money, etc. What we're still not really talking about is the fact that the lion's share of his money came from the Communist Chinese. And the question that nobody wants to answer is, what did they get for that money? They don't just pay for access that doesn't take them somewhere. They pay for something in return. They are not fools.

Faddis added that Hunter Biden had a key role in setting up a Chinese company that functioned as a front company to steal American nuclear technology "including details of reactors used in US nuclear submarines. It's about as sensitive as you can get."

Full audio of our chat with Sam Faddis:

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