Yay! After months of non-stop promos on KULR 8, the Winter Olympics are finally here. One of my favorite sports is curling.  For starters, it doesn't really look that physical.  My kind of activity. I mean, it's basically shuffle board. Like what Grandad plays at the senior center on Friday nights. Granted it's on ice... but still.

I did some research and curling is more about physics and strategy then brute strength. They put a slight twist on the stone and use those cool little brushy things to control its direction.  Did you know the ice for curling is not perfectly smooth? The purposely spray the surface to give it little bumps (kind of like the freezing rain we've seen today) then they semi-flatten the bumps to make it even.

If you'd like to learn more about the sport of curling, there is a club here in town that practices/plays at Centennial Ice Arena.  I checked their calendar and it doesn't seem very up to date, but you can find out more on their website HERE.

Winter Olympics opening ceremony is at 8 tonight on NBC.

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