I love looking at friends' Christmas trees because they are unique to that person.

Some people have Disney trees, while others put ornaments passed down for generations, and some go the simple glass-ball ornaments route. The ornaments you hang are quite personal. And I know I'm not the only one who loves looking at them.

Take a peek at what I found in CANDY TOWN USA in Billings at Shiloh Crossing.

I went back to Candy Town because, duh that place is awesome. But the ornaments are why I went back.

You know how in Home Alone 2 the toy store owner gives Kevin McCallum two turtle doves as a friendship gift? Well, I decided to copy him and I got my mom a bluebird, crystal ornament. Of course I got one for myself, because my grandmother Dracula's favorite animal was a bluebird. Nostalgia at its finest.


I Found the Most Adorable and Affordable Ornaments in Billings

I get giddy adding ornaments to my collection, and I'll admit - I spent $60 on six ornaments, but they were so worth it! Plus, ornaments make the greatest gifts. Check out my collection I found while venturing out in Billings.
These specific ornaments all came from... CANDY TOWN USA in Billings. And some were on sale! Woo!

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