Odds are, you have been a renter at some point in your life and unless you are the luckiest person on the planet, you've probably rented a place that didn't quite meet the Utopian-like description in their brochure/ad.

Kaitlyn and I were about to talk about buying a home instead of renting (thanks to our sponsor First Federal Bank and Trust ) when I mentioned that apartment ads would likely sound a little different if they were written by actual tenants.  We received quite a few and I wanted to share a couple here. A couple of them mentioned the name of the complex they were talking about, which I have omitted just in case they still live there, but I think these ads would fit quite a few places in any city in America:

Cable isn't included, but you won't need it!  With our paper thin walls, you'll have some of the best "reality tv" in Billings.  Not only do you get to hear the intimate conversations, but you'll know what their eating since everyone's dinner smells get piped in through the duct work

-Jessica B


These apartments offer GREAT conversation starters for company.  Like "What's that big stain in the hallway?" or "Do you know the guy outside in the DC cap that asked me if I like to party with 'go fast'?  You'll also get the pleasure of meeting a few Billings Police officers who will either interview you about a disturbance you witnessed, or take a description of your missing things.  THIS PLACE HAS IT ALL!"

-Amber F


Sure, the dryers in our laundry facility might make all of your clothes smell like dogs, but they're only .75 a load. Of course, you'll need to dry everything three times to get it only slightly damp and then you can hang them up on the towel rack above the heat vent in the bathroom for a true luxury experience."                                                                                                                                                            -Stephanie C.

"I ****ing HATE this place!"

-Ryan S.


Moving season has already started all over Billings.  If you've got some tips to share (good or bad), leave a comment.

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