Have you ever listened to someone trying to explain something to you by using the words "thingamabob" or "doohickey?"

I cannot tell you how many times those were the go-to words for my father to use when describing anything mechanical. "Okay son, you see that thingamabob right there? It is what is making the doohickey stop spinning." Or how about "Hey, can you grab me that doohickey out of my thingamabob?" I learned that it is usually located somewhere near the "whatchamacallit."


In all my years of fly fishing here in Montana, I did not know that a "thingamabob" and a "doohickey" were actually found in a tackle box instead of a toolbox.

My Facebook algorithm sends me a ton of advertisements for sporting goods. Because I am clearly obsessed with sporting goods. I recently stumbled on an ad for a "Thingamabobber with Doohickey attachment." I couldn't help but investigate it further. As I have spent years looking for them.

According to Cabelas

It's a strike indicator and an attachment! The Thingamabobber® with Doohickey Attachment Strike Indicator connects to your leader so easily, you'll be ready to start casting before they can say Thingamabobber! The mechanism locks to your line and keeps the strike indicator exactly where you want it. This hassle-free, 1-piece, fly-fishing indicator is simple to adjust, easy to cast, and buoyant.


Unfortunately, your dad is going to have to figure out some other ways to describe things he has no clue how to pronounce or what their function is. Because, unless he is describing something about fly fishing, he probably has zero knowledge about what he is talking about.

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