This just in from the Billings Police Department:

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Tonight, around 9:41 PM, officers were dispatched to the Lockwood area for a report of a shooting with a life-threatening injury.

A suspect driving a stolen vehicle led deputies, officers, and troopers on a pursuit through Billings.

The vehicle crashed, and two occupants fled on foot. One occupant has been detained, and the other is being sought by BPD.

Right now, there is a large officer presence in the 700 block of Broadwater Avenue, and BPD is asking you to avoid the area until further notice.

Also, earlier today at 4:33 PM, officers were dispatched to a 3rd party reported shooting near 6th Avenue North & Main Street. Officers received a victim's name and description, however, they could not locate him, even at former listed addresses.

Around 30 minutes later, BPD located the victim at an area hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. It was minor, and the victim was uncooperative with BPD.

Officers are looking for witnesses or video surveillance of the event.

As more details on these shootings become available, we'll update you.

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