When I first had the honor of meeting Johnny Joey Jones from Fox News, he was sporting his Proof Research t-shirt. Proof is a Kalispell, Montana gun company, and Joey was in Montana to speak at the Veteran Air Warriors banquet last Fall.

What a great guy. He is a wounded warrior who got a Purple Heart in Afghanistan as an EOD technician in the US Marine Corps, and he is one of the most humble, down to earth guys you will ever meet.

I got to catch up with him again down at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. We talked about some of his favorite guns and gun companies, and why the SHOT Show is such a big deal.

Johnny Joey Jones: What I love about this industry is you have everything from the largest gun manufacturer to somebody in their shop that's an engineer and smart- and they're competing with each other.

He also talked about how guns and hunting brings families together.

Johnny Joey Jones: I bought my son a 10 gauge shot gun. I bought myself a 12 gauge. He's into playing the saxophone and baseball. I played football and can't carry a tune in the bucket. But we go to the skeet range and he out shoots me. That's what we've found that the two of us enjoy together and can connect on. And I think that that's the part of our culture and our heritage that doesn't get talked about when it becomes political and divisive. We only want to talk about this one small area where bad people use an inanimate object for bad reasons. And I don't think you'll find anyone in this building that doesn't want to help stop that, but not at the risk of our own rights. And I think that's where the NSSF really does make good hay.

Full audio:

Here's his interview with SHOT TV:


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