Written By Guest Contributor, Kat Hammond

This past weekend, the film that I wanted to see most was Detective Pikachu. I had heard mixed reviews since it came out a couple of weeks ago but regardless, this was the first live action Pokémon movie to come out, and I knew 3D would be the way to go.

Unfortunately, the 3D experience was not as great as I had hoped since it was on a super tiny screen (maybe I am spoiled with the large IMAX screen) and the screen was really dark. Everything else…..was AWESOME!

The story differs from any story that avid Pokémon fans are familiar with – in fact, I would go as far to say that the writing was trying to appeal to people who were not fans of the Pokémon world, but wanted to see a fun family film. It was just that!

Choosing Ryan Reynolds to voice Pikachu was a smart move. His humor appeals to everyone. We laughed the whole way through. He added a level of comedy to the movie that it had been missing. Without it, I would have very much felt like I was too old to enjoy the movie.

The story is set in a city where there is a new element to the relationship between humans and Pokemon that was refreshing to see. You actually wanted to see more of how this relationship worked compared to the usual Trainer and “Owned” Pokemon that are made to battle.

It still had the old favorites that we all love about the Pokémon world – the wide range of cool poke monsters with unique abilities, legendaries, and of course, Pikachu! There may or may not have have been some battling…

The best was that this movie felt like the introduction to a whole new cinematic universe. Rumors are spreading that there will be a sequel and other live action Pokémon movies. I can’t wait!

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