We all have weekends where we want to go out with just the girls and have a good time. Sometimes we even want to dress up or be entertained. The part that can be a buzzkill is figuring out what to do and where to do it. This coming weekend, you and your girlfriends don’t have to do any of the planning! You can just put on something that makes you feel fancy and show up for Mom Prom 2019 – brought to you by the Mom’s Club of Billings.

Saturday, June 15th at 7pm at The Pub Station, will be where you find a big party just for ladies! Sorry…no guys allowed! You must be 21 or older to get in because yes…this is a party for the adult ladies who can sip on a drink or two if they choose! Not sure what to wear? Whatever makes you feel fancy – that could be a cocktail dress you have been dying to have an excuse to wear, a bridesmaid dress you never thought you would have a reason to wear again, or even a sexy pair of jeans! Whatever makes you feel beautiful and ready for a fun, fancy night.

I have had a chance to spend time with a few of the women who are in the Mom’s Club of Billings and the big takeaway I had was that these ladies get together often and they know how to have fun when they do – with or without their kids! Don’t let the name fool you, this event is for women who don’t have children, too. The event is for women to come together and have a night of fun while feeling beautiful and dancing till they drop.

Mom’s Club of Billings partnered up with YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) and The Pub Station to host this event. Why the name Mom Prom? This is a nationally trademarked event that Mom’s Club of Billings applied to host in Billings Montana. As a host, they have to pick a beneficiary for a portion of the proceeds from the event to go to. That is where the YWCA comes in - $8 from every ticket and all the proceeds from the silent auction will go to this wonderful organization that helps women in our community. Essentially, you are helping the community by coming out, dressing up and having fun!

Tickets are $13 at the box office or at 1111present.com. They have spent tons of time putting together a silent auction with things that ladies want! Doors open at 7pm and the party starts at 8pm.

See more information on the Facebook event page and we will see you on Saturday night!

Mom Prom
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Pub Station
Doors open at 7pm, party starts at 8pm.

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