That's one way to get more ammo. Did you see this story from TMZ about a Montana  boy reportedly finding a bullet in a bag of Cheetos? Ammo in a bag of Cheetos? We can now expect a run on Cheetos at the grocery stores much like we saw a run on toilet paper in the early days of the pandemic.

I don't know if you've tried buying ammo lately, but my dad was in town back in March. He figured since he was in Montana, he should be able to find the ammo he needed here if not anywhere else, right? Nope. We went to several stores and he could not find the ammo he needed. The shelves were practically emptied of any type of ammo you were looking for, except for shotgun ammo.

Why such a shortage of ammo? Due to the huge demand for guns and ammo in the market. The pandemic, the lockdowns, the riots, the increase in crime--especially violent crime--it's all driving demand for consumers to buy more guns in the United States.

Now, back to the bag of Cheetos story. According to, Bow Horn Weasel bought a bag of Cheetos for his 6-year-old son on Easter. After he finished the chips, he found a bullet in the bottom of the bag. TMZ added:


has a response from the company

A spokesperson for Frito-Lay said, "Frito-Lay is committed to ensuring the quality and safety of our products. This situation is highly unusual and troubling, and we have already taken steps to investigate and attempt to identify the root cause. We appreciate Mr. Weasel bringing this to our attention and will continue to work with him to resolve this matter."

By the way, we spoke with the National Shooting Sports Foundation's Joe Bartozzi back in January about the ammo shortage and more as part of the virtual SHOT show. Check out the audio below.

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