We at the radio stations appreciate your tuning for the music, news, commentary and information.  But I am a little concerned.  Simple question.  Is the radio your #1 priority?

I heard you say "No."  Not so fast.  Do you have these tell-tale signs?

Is your alarm clock set for just before the show starts, though you don't have to be at work or anywhere for hours?

Do you arrange all your daily activities so that you can tune in?

Do you stay in your one work spot because that's where the radio is?

If you have to drive on an errand or to work, do you rush to the car so you can tune back in there?

Do you tell the children to be quiet during the show, though any other time they are fine?

Do you freak out whenever a technical difficulty interferes with the broadcast?

Do you call a radio show to get on the air...every single day?  Every other day?  Every week without fail?

Do you go out in the world or online looking for something, anything, that you can call into the show to talk about?

If you answer Yes to any of these questions, you may be placing a little too much importance on the radio.

Credit: SIphotography, Getty Images, TSM Media Center
Credit: SIphotography, Getty Images, TSM Media Center

Travis, I do not live for the Radio!

Really?  Then go without it for a day.

Can you survive a full weekday, sunup to sundown, sans the radio running in your ears?  Can you do something else, like read a book, tend a garden, or actually play with the kids?

Not a weekend, that doesn't count.  Can you stand a full weekday not hearing the latest commentary, jokes, news or all the songs?  Or, like social media and the smartphone, do you Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)?

Credit: Koldunov, Getty Images, TSM Media Center
Credit: Koldunov, Getty Images, TSM Media Center

Okay, So?!  I like the Radio!

That's fine.  I turn on the radio in the car on long drives.  But I can drive without it too.

The question is, does the radio serve as a minor part of your daily life, or does your life revolve around the radio?  Which is in control?

Travis, you Idiot!!  Advertisers want us glued to the Radio!

That is partially true.  The other part is they also want you to buy from them.  They pay for the DJ, the show host and producers, the equipment and computers, studio space and everything that delivers that sound to you.  Only public radio has the pledge drives twice a year, and even they acknowledge business contributors.

So if you like the content of this station when you want it, please please pay attention to the commercials.  If you want or need something the advertisers are offering, call or visit them.  Give them some free market business.  They really are the sponsors of this part of your day.

Old Vintage Two Speakers Gray Radio
Credit: underworld111, TSM Media Center
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