Last week, I talked about the shocking statistic that only nearly 54% of Montana's population is made up of people who were born here. The rest belong to people who moved to Montana in some form or fashion. The graphic for this article was originally found by me on Reddit, and, whoa boy. The comments on that thread are definitely heated and some of them might be dishing out the truth.

This comment was in response to a comment talking about Governor Gianforte's "Come Home Montana" campaign that aims to bring jobs to Montana by bringing back Montanans that left. However, it seems like this former Montanan believed that an unknown circumstance forced them out. I wonder what that was.

Despite the growing Montana population, it seems that much of the younger generation of Montanans are leaving in droves. One study even showed that 40% of people surveyed under age 30 said they planned on leaving Montana. Perhaps, this commenter is correct in their statement. But, only time will tell.

This commenter makes a valid point, at least in my experience as well. However, when they say, "Don't move here," does that mean they don't want people to move here because they'll ruin Montana, or do they say it as a warning to other people who are thinking about moving here?

Now, this comment may be one of the funnier comments on the post. More than anything, it might just be true depending on who you talk to. Besides, I like to think that this is truly what the steps are to move here.

This one's also funny, however, it kind of makes sense. If we truly our population is truly being replaced by people from other areas, then our numbers may have actually been smaller. We may not have as many people moving here as we think.

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What is your reaction to the numbers? And, what about these comments pertaining to that study? Let us know your thoughts on social media.

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