I admit I don't really get to Rimrock Mall very often. Like, maybe a couple of times per year. So honestly, I don't know how long these new-to-me stores have been there.  Maybe it's been a while and I just now noticed them? Anyway, I was there yesterday because my little girl has been taking gymnastics classes at that gym place for almost a year and I finally felt guilty enough to go watch her practice. I'm glad I did. My wife didn't tell her I was coming to watch, and the look on her face when she noticed me sitting there was priceless.

After her class was over, the three of us wandered over to get a pretzel and that's when at least two new stores caught my eye. The one at the top, The Candy Clubhouse, looks awesome. We didn't have time to shop on this trip, but I will definitely be back to check it out.

The other new shop that I noticed was right next door to The Candy Clubhouse:


The Smile Bright teeth whitening store (shop? salon?).  This place looks awesome and promises 8x whiter teeth with just one visit. I wouldn't mind checking these guys out one of these days as well.  Who has time for whitening toothpaste, anyway? I want instant results! And it looks like that's what they do.

According to press releases from Rimrock Mall, they are working on making the mall not just a place to shop, but a place to "do", which I think is awesome. Rumor has it they have a big announcement coming soon for a new store going into the old Cattle Company location (right inside the front doors to the right).  I can't wait to see what it is.

Next time,



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