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Sony Pictures

Nowadays everyone is outraged by something.  Race issues, police brutality, politics, Russia, personal rights, bad fast food service... you name it. And some of those items are actually worth a little bit of rage. However, in today's news... its the new Peter Rabbit movie (opened Friday) that is causing "outrage" by some parents.

I have yet to see this cinematic masterpiece. I'm sure it's good, clean, lighthearted fun for the whole family. UNLESS you have a food allergy.  Then, this movie is highly offensive.  I guess there is a scene where the bunnies try to fend off evil gardener Mr. McGreggor, by chucking blueberries at him.  The crotchety old farmer is allergic to blueberries and goes into shock and has to stab himself with an epi-pen.

This scene caused a flurry of letter writing and social media blasting from the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation and other PO'd parents who feel food allergies are by no means a laughing matter. They say it's a form of food-allergy bullying that "makes light of the seriousness of food allergies". Sony has written an apology letter.

Carry on... I'm going to go find something else to be "outraged" about today.  Shouldn't be too hard.


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