Well, apparently Thursday was National Popcorn Day and I missed it.... SAD! I would have to say that currently my favorite thing to munch on is popcorn. I LOVE it and I have no idea why. And it isn't just regular popcorn (although I do like that, too). I like white cheddar, caramel, even chocolate covered. I will even do cheese popcorn if it comes down to it!

In honor of this amazing day I thought I would give you my top picks when it comes to popcorn!

1. Skinny Pop - I swear I could eat a Costco size bag all by myself. Don't do that though... not good for you.... probably.

2. Proper Corn - The Salt and Vinegar is NEXT LEVEL as well as the Sour Cream & Black Pepper!

3. Movie Popcorn - definitely the LEAST healthy thing ever but I love a good bag of popcorn with the butter from the movie theater!!

4. Smart Pop - If you are buying the "White Cheddar" make sure you buy the family size bag because the bag will literally disappear!

5. Canyon Creek Brewing - Yes, they have popcorn. And dogs. And beer.... Need I say more?

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