Today is actually the warmest day this week because it's about to get really chilly in the Magic City. This cold front is most definitely going to bring rain, however, it could also bring the city's first snowfall of this year's season. We really hope you are able to find your trusty winter coats because you're definitely going to need them. However, that's not the only thing residents of Billings should be worried about.

Fire Possibility Today; Possible Snow by Sunday

The National Weather Service in Billings currently has a Red Flag Warning in effect, which means that the risk of fire is high. This is because there's a combination of low humidity, high winds, and relatively high temperatures. The Red Flag Warning is in effect until 9 p.m. tonight (10/20) and is in effect for 16 counties in Montana, including Yellowstone County.

However, temperatures in Billings are also supposed to drop starting tomorrow (10/21), with a high of only 69 degrees, then decreasing to a minuscule 53 degrees on Saturday (10/22). Rain is expected to begin Friday night and continue through Saturday and Sunday. But, with the low temperatures on Saturday night and Sunday (10/23), that rain could very easily turn to snow.

Temperatures are Staying around 50 Degrees Next Week

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (10/24-26), the temperatures are expected to linger in the upper 40s to low 50s, with a slight chance of rain or snow coming again on Wednesday. So, we won't be fully out of the clear after Sunday. Make sure you find those winter gloves and windshield scrapers.

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