Halloween is my favorite time of year for several very personal reasons. 

 First of all, Halloween was my grandpa’s birthday.  He was also the Evil Knievel in the carnivals back in the day and would have to do all sorts of wild things for the crowds.

My entire family that consisted of about 25 people in total would get together every Halloween to celebrate our patriarch. It was always a fun evening filled with laughter, dancing, and partying.  

Second, my grandmother’s maiden name was Dracula.

And that’s not a lie. I have her birth certificate to prove it. Talk about a match made in... hell??? JK! Heavenly, for sure.  

Naturally, spooky season is my favorite. The decorations are always so much fun because you get to showcase your style. If you want to add your address to the list floating around Billings Facebook groups click here so we can see your set up! 

 Check out these over-the-top houses in Billings this Halloween and see which ones were our favorites. 

The BEST Halloween Décor in the Neighborhoods of Billings

Scary, Spooky, Funny, Cute. We have some of the best decorations here that I've spotted around town and some have been submitted by the people of Billings. Enjoy, and Happy Spooky Season!





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