Last week I wrote about the week-long full trashcans and the need for employees to do these less-than-thrilling things.  Got me to thinking, what is the current status of job availability in the Magic City?  So I checked out Advanced Employment at 1804 Grand Avenue, 406-652-8808, where I personally received two temporary and one permanent job placement.

Taylor and Brittany explained that the Advanced hiring managers conduct about 20 interviews each day for temp and permanent work, looking for a good mesh between the applicant and the employer.

I asked if applicants accept menial work when offered, or do they turn their noses up at it.  To my pleasant surprise, around 80% will jump at the opportunities

Summer is a busier time with more people seeking work and has been that way for the last three months.  As of this date, Advanced has about 30 permanent positions open for workers.

Lots of jobs are available in construction, landscaping, janitorial, warehouse, the food industry, driving and delivery, office and administration, retail customer service, and snow shoveling.

The pay ranges from $15 an hour up to $40 per hour for skilled labor.

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Wait, Snow Shoveling??

I had to ask Taylor if she meant snowplow drivers.  No, she meant crews are needed in wintertime to manually remove snow from properties with shovels.  This particular work is usually overnight, depending on weather, and you must be willing to go out in any temperature.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

The Work is Out There

If you are ready and willing to enter the workforce, to put in the exertion and the time and the skills, the employers are out there and Advanced Employment will help you find a happy match.  Benefit from the fruits of your own labor.

Go get 'em, Tiger.

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