We have a slowly growing garbage problem here on the 23rd floor of the Doubletree Hotel where the radio stations work from.  Our cans have not been emptied in a week.  Our conscientious paper recycling bin have been so overfilled that a luggage cart is needed to go empty it in the proper receptacle.

Now I don't blame the hotel at all.  Their short staff is likely caring for room maintenance for paying guests.  So who's going to empty the garbage cans?

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

We Need the Worker Ants

I have had pretty mindless jobs.  Delivered newspapers in high school.  Cleaned the floors of the Bozeman Albertsons store overnight in college.  Delivered mail in Salt Lake City as a new parent.  As an administrative worker, I filed and stocked shelves and even straightened up the property.

While the work is mostly menial, it allows the brain to think on other things and to dream on the future.  When delivering mail, I thought up and later wrote a prize-winning short play.  Developed a personal savings plan while filling out paperwork.  Chuckled at the remembered scene on film or TV while cleaning a work area.

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Let me be clear on this: no job is truly "mindless."  All jobs need some level of concentration and skills and learning.  But lots of employment do not require a degree or computer skills; they do need able bodies.

Unabashedly, the economy needs the hands-on work done.  It's not glamourous nor so intellectually stimulating nor world-changing.  But it does improve the immediate environment in the business or workplace.  The janitorial work ensures cleanliness and good health.  The filing ensures the particular information can be retrieved efficiently for customer service.

Now some physical jobs should never be mindless.  Working on a roof and other construction requires concentration for safety.  Same for truck driving or any job in a motor vehicle.  Fast food and restaurant work must uphold food safety for the literal consumer.

For those currently unemployed, you are needed for these labors.  You'll have the opportunity to think on your career, family, dreams and other issues while completing tasks on the job.  And you will be appreciated for being there.  Your upcoming employer looks forward to hearing from you.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

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