Happy National Mac and Cheese Day, Billings! I'm a sucker for a good Mac and Cheese, one of my absolute favorites has to be the homemade baked stuff. However, there are some restaurants here in the Magic City that give homemade Mac a run for its money. And, we've got a list of five of our favorite ones here.

The Mac Shack - Chicken Bacon Ranch

Specializing in specialty Mac and Cheese, The Mac Shack Food Truck has an amazing lineup, including the Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac, or the CBR for short.

Montana Brewing Company - Southern Mac

Fried chicken and bacon on top of delicious pasta shells? You bet. Montana Brewing Company Downtown has my legitimate favorite Mac and Cheese in Billings. Absolutely amazing food, and great beer too.

Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill - Chicken Mac & Cheese

The Last Chance Pub features a rotating menu of Mac and Cheese that are amazing. They also have a Chicken Mac and Cheese that's a staple on their menu and can be eaten with grilled or fried chicken.

Diamond X Beer Company - Buffalo Chicken Mac

Our own Michael Foth helped find out Billings' best Mac and Cheese. Spoiler alert: Diamond X's Mac came out on top. Creamy and spicy, now that sounds delicious.

The Vig Alehouse - Smack Mac

Credit: Vig Alehouse on Facebook
Credit: Vig Alehouse on Facebook

The Vig also cycles through Mac and Cheese, introducing new types of their classic recipe all the time. The Smack Mac is their signature Mac, with Italian sausage and served traditionally on an open-faced bun.

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Is there a Mac and Cheese that should have been on this list? Let us know on social media. Get out there and chow down on some amazing Mac today, folks.

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