I’m just going to say it: Escape Rooms are underrated.

Upfront, it seems expensive, but if the room(s) are really well done, it’s an immersive and impressive experience. Need to kill an hour with the in-laws and then have something to talk about other than Aunt Mary’s surgery at dinner? Boom. Do an escape room. What happens in there will certainly leave people talking. I still tell stories from previous escape room experiences, including my mother carrying around a literal wooden red herring fish, thinking it was a clue.

In theory, they seem horrifying; a stranger locks you in a room for an hour. I’ve done several with scary themes, including The Cuban Missile Crisis, 2 asylums, Chernobyl, 2 jails, pirates, Alice in Wonderland, Runaway Train, Remote Cabin, etc. If these are really well done, you’ll feel the pressure. Perfect execution is downright terrifying for escapees. Right now, an escape room in Billings has a Morgue themed room that is peak spooky season energy. I was nearly in tears, but it was exhilarating to finish.

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I consider myself an escape room enthusiast, at least compared to the majority of my friends. The only person that does as many as me is my sister. We love puzzles, we work well together, and we know how to have fun. Once, we were supposed to decipher a radio message but that went over our heads and we just ended up listening to opera music and somehow we were able to finish without the clue. Our mother was not thrilled about the musical selection.

Perhaps my enthusiasm for escape rooms is just contagious, but I have yet to have a pal or family member not enjoy an escape room. Maybe they just didn’t want to burst my bubble. There is something so exciting and thrilling about solving all those puzzles in an incredible situation you’ll hopefully never actually be in.

Actually, I take it back, a treasure hunt for gold would be awesome and I hope you do find yourself in that scenario. Better start practicing on the two escape room locations around town so you can ensure success.

Billings Escape Room
2593 Overland Avenue
Billings, MT 59102

(406) 534-9155

The Grand Escape Room
801 14th Street West
Billings, MT 59102
(406) 860- 8243

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