Does your workplace dress up for Halloween? Do you love it? Or... maybe you are one of those people who feel pressured to dress up by all of your co-workers, so you begrudgingly scrounge up a costume at the last minute? Mmhmm. That's more like me. The girls I work with have been planning their costumes for weeks. Meanwhile, I'm scrambling for ideas at the last minute.

Here are a few tips I've picked up regarding Halloween costumes at work.

  • Is it appropriate? This seems self-explanatory but you'd be surprised how many people wear completely inappropriate costumes to work. If you are a bartender you can probably get away with a more risque outfit than if you work at the bank. The costume you're wearing out to Purgatory 3 is probably not going to work at the dentist office. Use some judgement here so you don't end up in a meeting with HR.
  • Does it require a wig? Here's the thing. Wigs are REALLY itchy.  Every time I've ever had a Halloween costume with a wig, I've regretted it. And that was just at a party for a few hours. All day at work?? No thanks. Unless you want to be constantly pulling fake hair out of your mouth and itching your noggin like you've got fleas, then skip the wig. Trust me.
  • Does it require crazy makeup?  Maybe it's not so bad if you are used to wearing makeup everyday. As a guy, I don't. So after a few hours of wearing thick layers of cheap Halloween makeup, I'm ready to scrub my face off. Yes, I've seen some AWESOME makeup and special effects. But wearing them all day at work can require touch ups and generally wreak havoc with your skin. Who wants rashes tomorrow?! Not this guy.
  • Does it impair you ability to work? That super-awesome Transformers costume you made out of cardboard boxes, old lawnmower parts and Pringles cans probably prevents you from seeing / walking / bending / lifting /answering the phone / or whatever you're supposed to be doing at work.  Save the giant, elaborate outfit for the costume contest.

Have fun at work for Halloween next week. Just use common sense, observe my tips and it'll be great. Trick or treat, ya' spooky little monster.




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