Jenn/ TSM
Jenn/ TSM

There are so many beautiful things to go and see in Montana and I've been beating myself up for the last year that I haven't gotten around to seeing as much as I've wanted to see. But I've talked with a few friends that have grown up here in Billings and they STILL haven't gone to see the Pictograph Cave!

With the weather starting to warm up and it only being five minutes from here (literally, five minutes guys) there is no reason to NOT go visit! If you haven't been yet, I highly recommend and even if you've been there a few times over the years it is still a really pretty area and it isn't any less cool to see those pictographs!

PLUS, it's free. Yes, FREE! If you are a Montana resident and your license plates or drivers license shows it, then you don't have to pay the park fee. If you are in a family with a lot of kids and you are constantly looking for as close to free entertainment as you can get, this is GREAT place to go!!

My in-laws are in town so my husband and I took them all out there on Sunday and I just couldn't believe we waited a year to go out there and see the caves! SO, if you haven't gone yet GO! And then let me know what you think!

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