Several social media posts suggested Kanye West charged $55 for lukewarm food on a styrofoam plate, according to Consequence of Sound. Brunchella, if you will.

The born-again Christian was in Baton Rogue for one of his Sunday Services where attendees were offered a $55 brunch. However, an attendee posted a picture showing two pancakes, a sausage patty and two thin strips of bacon; the picture went viral and the brunch meal was compared to the subpar food offerings served at the failed Fyre Festival.

TMZ reports that the catering service responsible for the Baton Rouge event took responsibility, admitting they inadequately served one person. The company also said "Kanye West and his Sunday Service collective should be disassociated with such claims surrounding the food at the event."

Kanye may be getting hate for the failed attempt at brunch, but his new gospel album Jesus Is King just went number one, his ninth number one album release in a row.

Say what you want, but people are buying what he's selling. Even if it's a $55 plate that you could get at Denny's for $5.99.

Here's the viral brunchella plate:


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