It seems like every day is morphing into the next or the day prior right now. Is it Friday or Tuesday? It all feels the same. For me, I go to work, come home. Clean, eat, clean more. Go running. Clean again because somehow there's a never-ending mess during quarantine. Is that just me? Anyway, Mother's Day may have just snuck up on you. Luckily I sent out my cards and gifts to my mom and Grandma at the beginning of the week so I'm golden.

But what about frustrated moms? Moms are taking on more than ever now, with many of them navigating working full-time from home and taking care of the kids and helping them with online learning. It would be a lot. And now they've got a new outlet to vent their frustrations.

The wine-spritzer brand MOVO has started a hotline that moms can call to vent their frustrations over the Mother's Day weekend. 1-833-3-SCREAM-4-WINE will be open for complaints through Sunday, May 10.

The company said: "Now more than ever, moms deserve a break…and a drink. Between teaching their kids, keeping them entertained, working from home, and serving snacks every five minutes, moms are just trying to keep it together. We realize this Mother's Day isn't going to be normal, but we're hoping to make it a little more special with a much-needed laugh."


Moms who call can vent their biggest frustrations. And they're saying the calls won't be recorded. I would be hesitant believing that personally. Like maybe don't air out all of your dirty laundry, just in case.

And even better? Free drinks. You can submit your email address on their website for a chance to win a $10 credit to Venmo to be used for wine spritzers.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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