Leon is blessed to still be alive.

A 30+ year employee of the city of Billings, Leon Huschka survived a terrible accident last July, north of town.  He was riding a motorcycle.  The other vehicle was a semi.

His only loss was the left arm and the left leg.  Against all the odds, he didn't sustain any head or spinal injuries.

In the long recovery since, Leon has received a prosthetic arm and is on the path to acquiring a prosthetic leg.  Of course, with all the extensive primary care and physical therapy, medical bills have accumulated.

So how do his dear friends help against the costs?  Throw a great big fundraising Party!

attachment-Limbs 4 Leon Flyer

Make this part of your Weekend

Join Leon and lots of his friends, including brand new friends, for socializing, food, auctions, raffles, games, and dancing to Calvin and the Coal Cars well into the Saturday night.  Seven hours of par-tay!

As this is a fundraiser, please bring plenty of available cash to enjoy the festivities and for Mr. Huschka and his family.  Ticket is needed just to get through the door and each ticket costs only a $25 contribution.  Visitors can pay for tickets at the door, but there is a bonus for purchasing online before Saturday.

See that larger QR code in the flyer above?  Scan that with your device to connect to the ticket link.  Buy the entry tickets there and Limbs for Leon will give you free raffle tickets to use at the event.

So clear your calendar from 4 p.m. on to make the scene at this pre-Summer, family-fun, keep-it-rockin', for-a-good-man, for-a-good-cause, blowout.

You can have Sunday to recover.

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