OMG, it is nice to be back in the Magic City! I was out last week because we had to take my 22 month little girl to Salt Lake City for some medical check-ups.  We're no strangers to the hospitals there.  We spent about 3 weeks at the Salt Lake Childrens Hospital when she was born.   And I was there at the University of Utah Hospital for a big surgery on my noggin a few years back.

Traveling with children for doctors and hospital visits can get pretty expensive, fast. Gas, food, lodging times however many days you're in the hospital and the expenses can become overwhelming for most people.  That is why I urge you to support the Ronald McDonald House. We have one right here in Billings and they help out tons of families who come to town for appointments.  As a guest, I cannot say enough good things about what they do.

Each year they host over 5 MILLION children and families worldwide. Wow! It's really easy to help too... you know the change bucket slot at the McDonald's drive thru?  Just toss your change in! Super simple. Another great way is to volunteer your time, by either helping prepare meals or cleaning or whatever else they might need. Find out more HERE. Or contact our local Ronald McDonald house directly at 406-256-8006. Kids and families (mine included) thank you.

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