I love Billings and how beautiful it is here. You've got the Rims, the rolling country hills, the gorgeous backdrop of the Beartooth Mountains and when it snows it is quite magical (minus the driving) but there are a few things here in Billings that I think are making this beautiful city a little less than beautiful.

Object one: The Montana Women's Prison - I've mentioned this before but 27th Street is the main road into Billings if you are a visitor coming off of I-90. Couldn't we put a park there or something?

Object two: also on 27th Street.... after you've passed the Women's Prison and the Chamber of Commerce building, there is a little white house and on the south side, in the yard, is a big sign that has 'Meth Dictionary' painted on it. REALLY? What I wouldn't do for that to just blow away lol

Object three: The junk yard on Broadwater. Having this on a city street makes no sense to me but what do I know, right?

Object four: The hundreds of sheds in the Heights. I'm going to start calling the Heights 'Shed Town' because I swear that's all I see when I'm up there!

Object five: All of Central Ave. For whatever reason I just try and avoid that street. Maybe it's traffic or maybe it's the scenery.

Got any more? Don't be offended either.... Every town has the places that everyone thinks are ugly.

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