We are now into the fourth episode of the new season of The Handmaids Tale. First thing I want to address – Commander FREAKING Lawrence! Whose side is this guy on? At the end of Season 2, we saw him as a hero and on the side of the rebels in this story when he helped Emily escape Gilead with June’s baby. When they asked him what he was doing, he stated, “I’m getting myself in deep s***.” He seemed perfectly fine with what he was doing and he had his guardian in the car helping also. So, on some level, there was a plan that was constructed.

In Season 3, we did not see the same Commander! The first three episodes dropped all on the night of the season premiere (thank you HULU) and we saw a completely different character by episode 2. I shouldn’t be shocked as every man in this series has a twisted ego and the need to be obeyed as much as possible. Commander Lawrence is no exception. He is playing games with June just like Commander Waterford did. Only, there was a previous pattern we were aware of with Commander Waterford. In the Lawrence house, everything is very hush hush! Even his wife and her odd sickness seems to be of concern and a mystery…one that even aunt Lydia is disturbed by. Is it also weird that in some sick twisted, way I was really glad that Aunt Lydia did not die?!

In the previous seasons, we saw Commander Waterford, Serena and Aunt Lydia all play their parts perfectly, and it was June that needed to be “brought to heel.” We watched June as she almost succumbed to this messed up house play. In Season 3, it seems that June is the only one who is confident and mentally stable as the three other main characters are anguished and are lashing out in ways that could get them up on the wall!

Everyone keeps wondering what will happen this season – will June do something to destroy Gilead? Will Serena join her? Will Commander Lawrence turn out good or evil? My prediction: I have no clue! The writers are doing a very good job at keeping me guessing as I cannot tell what the next move is.

I was shocked when I even saw the preview for next week's episode and Commander Waterford and Serena are asking June to help them set up a meeting with their “daughter.” That just spells trouble and I cannot wait to see what happens! Click to see the trailer for Season 3.

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