I have another job, besides this radio gig (a couple of them, actually) and one of my jobs involves a fair amount of driving around Billings. One can't help but notice all the construction around town.  Just a few you may have noticed:

  • Demolition is in full swing of the former K-Mart building at 24th and Central. The amount of equipment and workers on site seems to double everyday.  Future home of the new Winco Grocery store.  Can't wait for this one!
  • Huge development project at Central and Shiloh continues. A mix of residential and retail, when complete this project will continue fill in growth along Shiloh. A popping place to be!
  • McDonalds at Rehberg and Grand was demolished last week. A shiny new McD's will replace it.
  • The old Wendy's building downtown is still under construction and looks like its almost complete. Expect offices/retail on the lower level and I believe residential upstairs.
  • New antique mall on the east end of Montana Avenue should be done soon. I love that neighborhood and the revitalization going on around there is great to see.
  • Speaking of Montana Ave... word on the curb is that the former Rex has been gutted with new owners planning to re-open a new restaurant. Probably won't be done till late this year. That awesome patio deserves to be open, am I right?

Any other big projects you've noticed? Let me hear about them.  Steady growth is good for Billings.

Next time,


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