My husband texted me this morning about something that happened to his coworker at Starbucks on 24th Street this morning and it made my heart really happy!

We will call my husbands coworker Fred for the sake of this story.

When Fred got up to the window to pay for his drink the barista informed him that his drink had been paid for by the car ahead of him; Known as 'paying it forward.' If this has ever happened to you then you know how awesome of a feeling it is! The barista told Fred that the paying it forward had been going on for a while so naturally Fred paid for the drink of the person who was behind him!

Who knows how much longer people kept on paying it forward but I love hearing stories as simple as this especially here in Billings! Makes Friday feel even more awesome.

Have you ever paid it forward at a Starbucks or coffee drive thru?

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