The holiday season is upon us and it always seems that around the holidays is when our community is in the most need. It is when families need that extra helping hand and when businesses are trying to spread that extra holiday cheer. Personally, the holidays always make me feel hopeful so I like to try and give back as much as I can to help spread that hope.

So, if you and your family have been looking for a place to give some of your time, here is a list of places that will gladly take the helping hand. And not just around the holidays, I'm sure they'd love it all year round! Click on the links below to get started!

City of Billings -
Billings Public Library

Crime Prevention Center

Billings Clinic 

Cancer Center


Floor Services

Gift Shop

Information Desks

Mail and Flowers

Office Assistance

Pet Therapy


Billings Food Bank 

Habitat For Humanity 

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter

There are SO many ways to give back. Find the best fit for you and start today! If these volunteer opportunities aren't for you just Google 'volunteer work in Billings' and the options are endless!

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