Billings Biggest Garage Sale is almost here! In fact it is only 12 days away. Now is the time to start collecting things you don't want or need anymore and get your booth. For the last two weekends I have had a garage sale at my house and lets just say we didn't have what you call a great turn out. Billings Biggest Garage Sale is guaranteed to be have a massive turn out. Last year over 10,000 people came by. The garage sale at my house was about ten people so I am super looking forward to having a booth this year and sell some stuff! With that many people coming buy you know you will sell your stuff!

It kicks off at 7am and runs till 3pm at the upper parking lot of the Metra. You can get your booth now at or call 248-7827. I have to say it felt awesome to clean out closets and cupboards and make a pile of things I don't need or had forgotten I even had! The house looks so much better with less clutter! No joke I have about 15 boxes of treasures that someone else will love. Everything from clothes to kitchen stuff and some odd ball items as well. You name it I boxed it up. I am sort of a pack rat so to let things go is very rare for me but it feels so good to do it. Plus now I will have more space for new stuff I find at Billings Biggest Garage Sale! Pack up your things and get your booth today!

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