What? Montanans actually fear something? Doesn't seem likely...

It's spooky season full of ghosts, ghouls and haunted places. We have no short of haunted and spooky stuff in Montana.

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Is there anything in this state that scares it's locals? Montana is known for being tough and ready to face anything that might scares the average person. Here in Montana, we've seen just about anything that's weird strange or even scary.

According to Your Local Security, There is indeed a fear that statistically lives deep in the hearts of Montanans.


Anthropophobia according to WebMD is the fear of people. The National Institute for Metal Health does not recognize this term and attributes it Social Anxiety Disorder.

However you look at it, Montanans have a fear of people.

As a Montanan, I can see where this statistic can come into play. In our state, people are very private, and sometime do not play well with others. People with properties deep in the Montana wilderness have no trespassing signs up for a good reason.

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Tourism and Montana

As much as businesses like and rely on tourism during most of the year, I feel like Montanans have special bone in their body that immediately reacts to the thought of anyone vacationing here.

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One thing I can say, is that some Montanans need to come out of their shell a little bit and enjoy the public for a change.



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