I know there are bigger problems in the world than me and my kid getting distracted by some chatty kids in the theater, but it still sucks. There were four unsupervised kids right in front of my daughter and me when we went to see Avengers End Game on Friday night.

Now, I've dealt with noisy adults at a theater, you can reason with them..remind them that this theater isn't their living room and that movies aren't cheap. My best move was when I went to see Bourne Identity and this couple behind me wouldn't stop talking. She was constantly confused asking for explanations and he would loudly whisper a response to each question she asked...finally I just decided to stand up. They were in the back row, so I was only bothering them. After about 30 seconds the girl (who I was directly in front of) informed me that she couldn't see. I turned to her and said "Oh, am I distracting you from the movie? Am I making it hard to enjoy?" The guy leaned forward, apologized and they were mostly quiet for the rest of the movie.

Of course, with unsupervised kids, your options are limited. You can shush them, but if the kids have been indoctrinated into the "adults can't do anything to me" philosophy, they don't really care. That was the case here. I would shush them, they'd be quiet for two to three minutes, then resume their conversation in a regular speaking voice. I'm not sure who those kids belonged to, but in my opinion, the parents of these kids are failing miserably.

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