I've been watching the demolition on the old Sports Authority building on 24th, right across from West High over the past couple of weeks. Two things. 1) If I ever change careers, I'm leaning towards demolition because it looks like SO MUCH FUN! Smashing down buildings with giant loaders and backhoes and stuff has to be enjoyable. 2) What the heck are they going to build in this spot?

I've heard tons of speculation and wishful thinking. We can rule out Dave and Busters. People always say we need one in Billings and the simple numbers mean they will likely never come to a town with our population.  Another thing people always ask for is "something fun for kids to do." Unfortunately, I don't think this will happen. It's tough for a business to make money when your clientele relies strictly on their parents for expendable money. We can also rule out another casino (thank God) as the property surely sits too close to a school.

One plausible rumor I've heard is that it'll be the new location for TJ Maxx.  I could see that happening. What do you think would be a great business there? Let me know in the comments.

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