I had seen some info on Facebook from some parents that the kid brought it to school to basically threaten a kid who has bullying him and was possibly going to 'slam him down' after school. I CANNOT CONFIRM that that is the actual situation but I did read that (confirmed news story below). And if that is the case then this is another case of a child being bullied by another child and those seem to turn of bad here in United States.

Back when my parents were kids and even when I was a kid in school, we all got bullied. Am I saying bullying is okay? NO! But what I am saying is that kids have been bullying kids for decades and we all grew up and went on with life. No one ever brought a weapon to school and attempted to solve it that way. We've got to be aware of what is happening to our kids, talk about it and bring it to the schools and other parents attention. We've got to teach our kids that bullying is NOT OKAY and if you see it happening then you need to say something. We also have got to teach our kids how precious life is and that taking someone else's is not the answer. And if we are gun owners then we have to make sure they are locked up and our older children have been taught safety and reverence about/for the guns.

I'm just so so glad that this didn't turn out badly.

KBUL Newsroom - Police are investigating after a Laurel student pointed a gun at other kids. KTVQ.com reports that the student who brought the gun to the Laurel Middle School campus on Tuesday afternoon pointed the weapon at several others students off school grounds, according to Laurel School Resource Officer Michael Clark. A letter sent to parents by the Superintendent on Wednesday indicated that the weapon had been on school property after school hours, around 4 p.m. It’s still unclear whether the weapon was loaded when it was pointed at the children, but Clark said a magazine was in the vicinity of the weapon. No injuries were reported.

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