It's a necessity that sneaks up on you. Not car registration or a teeth cleaning...

Oil. Change.

GAH! I swear every time I look down at my car dash the light is on for an oil change. So, I check the nice sticker they put in the upper corner of the drivers side window and BOOM..Yep! Oil change time. Then I ask myself, "Didn't I just get my oil changed? It felt like I just did this!"

I've been going to the same place since we moved to Billings and I have absolutely nothing against them! I think they do a great job and I always get half off my car wash so that's a plus! But I'm wondering if I'm missing out somewhere. If there is a place in Billings where everyone loves and recommends and I'm not in the know! Or who knows... maybe it's cheaper than what I pay! I GOTTA KNOW!!

Who is it? Where is it? Give me all the details! Or do you change it yourself?

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